So here is my Made In America thought stream: Nice touch, the flag on the door.. Space is empty but still talkin', Laurie's class totem is AMAZING, how did they hang that? 3D art works well together, JQ cigar box guitar then Rita blocks , then light with people wrapped in flags, freedom of spirit/Rita and JQ collaboration, powerful combo! LOVE the new arragement of benches, pedestal, rolling walls, etc. Kitchen and bath got make-overs, wow! Back room looks great; Vinyl letters nice with Marilee liberty girl, collages compliment each other, Ally's photo is up-she'll be pleased..Back up front; cool retro art by KJ. & Marilee, damn that Rita is good! I will miss her. Like how Laurie finished her piece. Sherry art is witty this time and Michelle art is dreamy, whoa - How long have I been staring at this dark gunmen collage by Carol? Mels sweet love letter piece is perfect with the soldier notes...sorry to have missed this show and glad to know your art so well that I can hear your voices in it.  Being in an art co-op is good for the soul.

Johanna Roffino-Hulsey
Founder of Art Hotel

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