Are you old enough to remember the childhood game 'Operation'?  Before Wii and XBox Live, even long before Pong or Pac-Man the closest thing to an electronic game was 'Operation'.  Although it did not involve the  realistic graphics gamers of today are accustomed to, it did make noise and light up. Assuming that is, your hands were jittery as you tried to remove the funny bone from your patient. If you were a wobbly surgeon,  you'd be called out with a loud buzz when your tweezers touched the no-zone, causing your patient's nose to light up Rudolph red.  There were multiple tiny  choking hazard sized items which required precise extraction, including butterflies in the stomach. Only the most sure-handed got the opportunity to continue the game. Maybe a few of those kids actually grew up to be surgeons, who knows?  What I suspect is, at least a few of them grew up to be artists. 

With  serious focus on carefully tweezing out the individual love themed pieces for a February exhibit, h'ART Attack jurors  (Michelle Stroescu, Karen Jacobi, Linda Ford) proved themselves a skilled team. The participating artists, also steady handed in their creations.  Still, don't be surprised if you hear a loud buzz. Unlike the game of 'Operation', it's a good thing. It will be coming from those taking in the visuals and finding the funny bones and broken hearts at h'ART Attack.
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