With a Presidential election upon us, I presume many Americans are watching or listening to the debates, contemplating who they will vote for.  

The above sentence takes liberty at assuming several things:
A.   You have access to media that provides you with current event information.

B.  You have an opinion on the candidates, which may or may not differ from that of your boss, your spouse, your neighbor or even the kid who mows your lawn.

C.  You are a registered voter, but even if you’re not, you could be if you wanted to.

D.  You don’t care anything about the candidates, or the debates.

E.  Your religion doesn’t allow you to vote. Or, possibly your religious beliefs inspire your choice on who you will vote for.

F.  You’ve recorded the debates, and will watch them later at your convenience, because you have other errands to tend to, such as grocery shopping, filling out your student loan app, or reading that controversial novel that was banned in other countries.

Who would have thought so many liberties could be assumed from a single random statement? But remember, we live in a country where liberties are endless! Things are not always perfect here. We’ve taken land from others, fought amongst ourselves, impeached, conspired, accused, abused. Our politicians will most likely always debate over taxes and the welfare system. Some of us will sleep in warm beds, while others sleep under bridges. We have spilled blood, as well as oil.  Democrats and Republicans will agree to disagree. You have a sticker of the Christian ichthus fish symbol on your rear window, while your neighbors’ decal reads ‘co-exist’. 

Despite our differences, we stand on common ground. It is a ground poets call the fruited plains, the land of milk and honey. It is a place that hosts abundant liberties and freedoms unimagined in other countries. It belongs to we the people. It is the land that I love

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