Here's a little insider info about the fifteen members of AHA Collective. We paint, collage, sketch, goauche, take photos, stitch, felt, ink, play with old toys, driftwood, and found objects. One of us has been known to play with rocks. Another has a thing for llama hair. Yea, that's right, llama hair. The rest is none of your bees wax.  Just kidding.  Even the bees wax is a creative medium to some of the AHA artists. Bees wax that is, as in encaustic art.  

Now, we even have our own blog.  Hey, we never said we'd be as good at blogging as we are at playing with rocks.
2/21/2012 09:16:18 am

It has been a trial for me to keep up my art production with new responsibilities in a new job. I am thankful to belong to a supportive group that can keep the spark alive till I see the light of summer. You've gotta love what you do in life - especially if it consumes you.


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