It's a new year.  Many of us  made personal resolutions, looking forward to a prosperous 2012.  Swearing in hopeful promises to ourselves to be richer, thinner, smarter, recycle more, be more compassionate, ditch diet sodas for green tree, donate to charity, and finally clean out the hall closet we've avoided for years.

After a pleasant New Year's Eve dinner with good friends, a belly full of grilled salmon and saffron rice, a prompt phone call from both my children with updates on their midnight whereabouts, and a sweet kiss from my spouse of 22 years, I made only this single resolution; to be thankful for another year.

Besides, I am already rich in so many ways, I think green tea tastes like dirt and hall closets have doors for a reason.

Whatever your resolutions, or lack of, I hope the new year is good to you!

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